3 Reasons Why Test-to-Treat is the Way of the Future

Accessible healthcare is vital to public health, and Lucira is working hard to make easy access to diagnostic testing a reality. Lucira has been on the cutting edge of test-to-treat at-home testing since 2012, working to put medical tests right into the palm of your hands.

Since the launch of genetic testing kits in 2007, at-home medical testing has steadily grown. In 2020, the market exploded with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, immediate testing access for individuals, families, enterprises, and healthcare facilities became imperative.

In addition to at-home COVID-19 testing, the market now includes everything from at-home flu tests, pregnancy and fertility testing, allergy testing, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and more.

The digital-first, contactless market, consumers have grown accustomed to at-home delivery options for anything they could need. Now, this modern convenience includes effective test-to-treat options that can be delivered right to one’s front door.

Keep reading to learn more about test-to-treat and why Lucira and other medical technology providers are paving the way to accessible testing so everyone can take control of their health and future.

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The Rise of Test-to-Treat Standards

The most important component of at-home medical testing is test-to-treat standards. Receiving test results in the convenience of one’s home is just the start.

At-home medical tests from credible providers must include testing results and instructions for necessary treatment or follow-up care based on the results. This test-to-treat concept has become more prevalent, even factoring into new U.S. COVID-19 treatment protocols.

On March 8, 2022, the Biden Administration announced the launch of a Nationwide Test-to-Treat Initiative that ensures immediate access to COVID-19 results and follow-up treatment. This type of life-saving technology is one of the driving forces behind the at-home medical testing movement. Test-to-treat gives patients access to testing and the follow-up required. Combining test-to-treat technology with the convenience of at-home testing is revolutionizing healthcare.

3 Reasons Test-to-Treat is the New Norm for At-Home Testing

  1. Convenience and Accessibility

It’s no secret that convenience ranks high among consumer preferences these days, and medical care is no different.

When healthcare is convenient, people are more likely to utilize their benefits, which leads to a healthier community. Community members that are immunocompromised, disabled, or simply unable to leave home can get the quality care they need with minimal effort and risk.

In addition to COVID and flu testing that tackle community health concerns and rapidly spreading illness, pregnancy tests, STI testing, and other sexual wellness tests have become widely available for direct-to-consumer delivery.

  1. Actionable Follow-Up

The typical medical diagnostic testing experience usually ends with a jargon-filled explanation or little to no follow-up at all. This leaves patients frustrated and without the vital information needed to make informed choices about their health.

One of the most common tenets medical providers agree on is giving patients the data, support, and clear next steps. Actionable follow-up is the basis of test-to-treat.

Complicated health issues such as infertility often require more than just a single test. Treatment can take time, so comprehensive and easy-to-follow aftercare instructions are vital for success.

  1. Discreet Delivery and Confidentiality

Privacy is paramount in the healthcare industry, and it’s the provider’s job to protect their patients.

Some patients can’t access care because it isn’t offered nearby. Other times, care is offered but stigmatized, making access more of a challenge.

It’s not always easy to seek help, especially for fear of judgment or consequence. Having the option to get STI and HIV tests delivered can mean the difference between knowing one’s status and not.

Easier Access, Better Care with Test-to-Treat

As if convenience wasn’t reason enough, it’s clear that test-to-treat protocols can lead to better individual healthcare, and a healthier community for us all.

Whether patients are disabled and unable to travel to a doctor, live in a community that doesn’t provide a necessary procedure, or simply don’t have time in their busy schedule, at-home medical tests provide the care needed to adapt to our modern society.

Test-to-Treat with Convenient At-Home Testing

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