Small Woman-Owned Business to Full-Line Distributor: A 30-Year Journey

Products Unlimited, Inc. is celebrating its 30th year of business! Susan Raithel joined Products Unlimited 23 years ago, where she started as a Sales Manager and eventually became the owner. With 30 years of servicing the medical, laboratory, and safety industries, Products Unlimited is a full-line woman-owned distributor with the personable, human touch of a small business.

Learn more about the evolution of Products Unlimited, Inc. to get to know us, and rest assured you’ll receive quality products from people you can trust.

Our Milestones

When the company started, a small woman-owned business was a big deal. In the states, it was only one generation ago that women had to ask permission for a business bank account. Starting Products Unlimited, Inc. in 1992 was a milestone in itself.

Further, the percentage of businesses lasting over ten years is less than 50% in the US. As such, it’s important to remember what milestones represent and celebrate: relationships. This 30-year milestone marks how authentically connected we are to the people who help us succeed among our founders, co-workers, community, and customers.

Products Unlimited, Inc. has done business with most branches of the federal, state, city, and county governments; in all 50 states! A major accomplishment!

Gratitude for Our Customers

With these milestones, we give a huge thank you to our loyal customers. Each of our customers has played a vital role in building the relationships that have fostered this 30-year celebration.

We are proud to have maintained many of our relationships, but one is with KBR Wyle, a NASA prime vendor with whom we have partnered for years in supplying materials for mission support. It has been a privilege to have the team at Products Unlimited be involved in Space Exploration. Our partnership grows yearly, and we are proud to be a source of quality and trust for them.

Other customers who deserve a shoutout for their support in our growth over the last 30 years are our federal government customers, army hospitals, state customers, and UTMB/CMC. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to each of you for maintaining the trust and valuing local businesses. We wouldn’t be here without you.

3 Decades of Value

Although our small business competes with much larger companies, we have maintained our place with our customers because of our quality service. We have never had to rely on our small woman-owned business certification to be our primary business source. We keep customers because we do a good job.

What makes us different from some of our larger competitors is we’re a full-line distributor that offers service with the product. We don’t just ship our products and wish the customer good luck; we partner with our customers who, like most, are short-staffed.

Whether it be medical, government, or education supplies, Products Unlimited, Inc. will provide quick service that is both on time and done right. Our top priorities are procurement at the best value, product education, and quick turnaround and delivery. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your needs.