Women’s Impact on Supply Chain Procurement and Management in 2023

Women have impacted the supply chain industry since its inception. Still, in recent years their influence has become even more pronounced. In 2023, women are significantly transforming the supply chain industry through their procurement, management, and technology contributions.

The Growing Presence of Women-Led Businesses

The number of woman-owned businesses is increasing rapidly. According to Deloitte, these businesses will soon account for 40% of all enterprises. As they grow, they bring ideas and perspectives that can benefit the entire supply chain procurement and management field. These businesses are also introducing competition into areas that men have traditionally dominated. In addition, it has improved productivity, collaboration, and cost reductions due to increased efficiency from new technologies.

Leveraging Digital Transformation for Greater Efficiency

The rise of digital transformation has presented women with exciting new opportunities for leadership within the supply chain industry. By using analytics, AI, and automation tools, women can gain better insights into operations and leverage efficiencies quickly, helping them improve customer service experiences while reducing labor and inventory management costs. Women also leverage these tools to create more sustainable operations by improving resource utilization across the board – from production to shipping and delivery services.

The Role of Women Executives in Shaping Supply Chain Industry

The number of women executives leading companies within the supply chain sector has steadily increased over the last few years. These female leaders have championed innovative approaches that aim at improving performance, introducing efficiency gains throughout different levels of operation, such as manufacturing, logistics, and retail distribution networks. All this contributes towards meeting customer demands quickly at lower costs with optimized inventories – something not possible before digital transformation took off globally across all sectors, including manufacturing, retail & consumer goods.


Several women leaders have made their mark on the supply chain management industry. Some notable figures include Ellen Voie from the Women In Trucking Association (WIT); Carol Tome, CEO of UPS; and Francesca A. DeBaise, McDonald’s Supply Chain Officer. These inspiring women bring valuable knowledge and experience to their respective roles, helping to shape and improve how organizations manage their supply chains.

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